What is aluminum fencing?

Aluminum fencing has the look of ornamental iron without the rust problems. An aluminum fence is assembled in the field without welding. Aluminum fencing is powder coated and carries a lifetime warranty. Aluminum fences work great around pools and in areas that have lots of sprinklers.

Will powder coating or sprayed finish stop rust?

No, paint doesn’t rust, metal rusts. If rust is a concern you should treat the problem, the metal being used. Typically pre galvanizing, hot dipped galvanizing of the metal or using aluminum will offer the best rust prevention.

Is a spray-painted finish better?

A spray finish can be reproduced in the field using the same material used during the original painting. Different paints perform better in different environments. A polyurethane finish is a better finish than an enamel finish. Each product has their strong points.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a method of applying paints. The paint is sprayed on as powders then baked on to melt and blends the coating. This process cannot be duplicated in the field. Color matching in the field is hard to do.

What is ornamental iron?

Ornamental iron is made from tubular steel instead of solid steel. The main benefits are a lighter product that cost less.